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Love's dream...do you know it?

14 October
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First and foremost, I love the Lord for all the wonderful things He's done for me. He's always been an ever-present help in the time of trouble and in the time of peace. I thank Him for all the gifts He has blessed me with, some of them being: photography and writing. This journal is 98% doll/toy content and is mostly dedicated to my dolls and their stories. The concept behind the "Playground" is one of fun, curiosity, imagination, and nostalgia. It is the world in which my dolls live, and also involves a constantly changing setting, in which the "playground" can be anywhere. Not just at a park. The "playground" is a place where friends and family come together and new relationships are formed. The playground, in a sense, has become the common ground for my characters.This is not Google/Yahoo/Bing images where you can just rip an image off without consent and credit. Any photos, stories, biographies, etc. that I post on this site and any other site are copyrighted. I will not tolerate ANY use of my photos and any other work without my permission. Should I give you permission to use my work, proper credit must be given. That is after I've given permission and not before. Thank you.
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